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BantengScientific name:
Bos javanicus

Natural spread:
new Guinea

for human concepts is the Banteng gave a home in southeast-Asia a very graceful game-cow. The bull is dark brown colored until black. The cow and the young are bay. Both sexes have a white mirror at the rear of the clubs and whitens low halves of the legs. With females and boys, a black eel-line of the shoulder proceeds up to the tail-root. Some races or also only individual animals are differently colored. So there are bay bulls, black cows and animals are, with whom mirror and legs don't know. The shoulder-height of the Banteng amounts to 130-150 cm, its weight reaches 500-900 kg.

The horns of the bulls point sideways at first. The tops are directional upward and indoors. Old males possess a verhornte forehead-plate between the horns. The short horns of the females point to the back.

Habitat The Banteng is an animal of light or undergrowth-rich forests in the level and in the highland up to 2000 m of height. it lives as well as in swampy also as in dry areas. To the Äsung, it steps out of the forests and visits grass-surfaces. If grass-jungles offer coverage sufficiently to it, it also is there.

Way of life Bantengs live up to 30 animals in associations. Older males are loners outside the combination-time. Bantengs are Kulturflüchter and therefore live very hidden. they äsen in the early morning hours and in the evening. They step out of its forest-hiding places to it and look for the open grassland-ship. An adult cow should take over the role of a sentry and should warn the herd with a danger through stamping. Tigers and red-dogs are the animal enemies of the Bantengs.

Rebhuhngroße birds, the bouquet-quails, linger over the stoves of the Bantengs in order to catch them through the cows of startled insects. The Bantengs are warned with danger of the aware bouquet-quails.

Reproduction With 21/2 years, Bantengs become sexually mature. The cow places only one single calf after 270-280 days of Tragzeit. On Java, July and August drop the Setzzeit into the months. The young is suckled for months approximately 9.

Food Young shoots, foliage and branch-tops are eaten by the Bantengs preferentially. Instincts of grass come to it like from the wild sugarcane, Alang-Alang-Gras and bamboo.

Endangering The Banteng belongs at the most strongly threatened manner to that of the extinction. In rear-India, it already is out largely wiped. On Java, several hundred Bantengs still exist in the Udjung-Kulon-Schutzgebiet and in some preserves in the mountain-forests. Outside the preserves, the Java-Banteng is out wiped. The culture-country of this densely populated island is widened more and more, and so the habitats of the game-animals dwindle.

The Dajaks hunt the Banteng on Borneo. The meat is regarded as delicacies. Banteng-Köpfe are sought-after trophies, that the men of this headhunter-people carry off instead of the earlier usual human-heads. The continuance of the Bantengs went back very much to Borneo through this hunt, if even exterminated not.

Balirind On the island Bali, the Wildbanteng is out wiped for a long time. Already before the beginning of our calendar, however, the Banteng was domesticated on Bali and survives as Balirind still today. This pet is held like a house-cow and is used.

Probably, the Banteng was domesticated also on Java. Certainly however, the Balirind was imported to Java. Also on other islands, this house-cow was shipped. On Celebes neglected the Balirind and lives in the moist valleys there.

On Bali, the Balirind still exists unmixed with other cows. On Java and other islands, Z. B. Madura, Zebus were one-crossed. The half-breeds apparently are not among each other fertile.

From the Banteng, the Balirind differs in shorter legs, shorter tail and shorter horns, that not with the bull, as with the Banteng, points upward inward.

The color of the Balirindes often deviates from the game-animal. Unpigmentierte skin-parts occur that leads to a Sprenkelung or Scheckung. A forehead-blaze is to frequently be found.

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