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MausmakiScientific name:
Microcebus murinus

Natural spread:

the Mausmaki is the smallest primate at all (primates). it is only 10-15 cm long and has one more than body-reaches, bushy tail. This small, brown-gray Lemur (Lemuren) resembles our native Bilchen very much. The Mausmaki has a white median on the nose and a dark back-strip. The underside is colored white or sallow-gray.

The legs are short, the hind legs longer than the front-legs. Like our Bilche, also the Mausmaki has big night-animal-eyes. The ears are big, round and bare. The nose is rather short for Lemuren.

Habitat and way of life The Mausmakis are pure tree-animals and live in the forest-areas of Madagascar's east and West coast. they don't prefer any certain habitat and are to be observed in both the thin branch-tops of the trees and in the low hedge. One finds the nest padded with dry leaves in the low undergrowth like trees high in the branch-tangle as well.

During the day, the Mausmakis sleep rolled up like a ball. Only at night, they become active in order to look for insects, fruits and fresh leaves. Mausmakis put on themselves fat-supplies, that are used during the dry-time of the madegassischen winter (at the moment our summer).

Mausmakis run quadruped after type of the Nager. they tippeln mouse-nicely in short passages, interrupted again and again through short listening. they also jump relatively well and hold on that occasion the balance with the tail. In contrast to the Bilchen, however, the Mausmakis are no claw-climbers but as almost all primates gripping-climbers.

The Mausmaki populates marked territories small with urine. it is a loner; nevertheless, quite certain relationships between the individual animals are to be determined in the populations. The populations can consist of more than 50 animals. In the center of a settlement-area, the precincts of the females, who are clearly of each other separate, lie. Few males have its territories between it. The precincts of the central males can cover the areas of the females. At the edge of the settlement-area, the weaker males live.

Mausmakis go in for an intensive fur-care like most semi-monkeys. they clean and lick itself. The specifically trained finery-claw of its second toe and the lower jaw-edge-teeth serve as special "fur-care-tools" on that occasion. Mausmakis go in also for mutual, social fur-care (so-called "Lausen"); engl. "grooming."

Reproduction The females bring to the world 1 - 4 (usually 2) haired kids twice in the year after a Tragzeit of 60 days. they closed its eyes until the fourth life-day. In the birth, the boys are hardly 5 cm long and weigh only 5-6 g. Adult Mausmakis come on 30-85 g.

The babies can climb already after 15 days. they are suckled by the mother 1,5 months and are independent with barely 2 months.

Continuance Mausmakis still are relatively frequent. they are under the protection through the Washingtoner Artenschutzübereinkommen.

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