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mouse-weaselsScientific name:
Mustela nivalis

Natural spread:
northern hemisphere

the mouse-weasel, little Hermann or little one weasels is not only one "bag-edition" of the big weasel or ermine but we in certain sense the smallest representative of the carnivores in it finds at all, that with a length of about. really considering 23 cm including tail one of the dwarfs of the mammals is. A subtype, that dwarf-weasels (Mustela nivalis minuta) and in America mini-weasels (Mustela nivalis rixosa) are called in Europe, even still remains with its smallest representatives by some centimeters among the "normal" mouse-weasels.

The outer similarity to the ermine quite justifies the name "Mouse-weasel" even if some differences are to be determined to the big type. So, the transition of the brown back-coloring to the white of the stomach-side is not smoothly proceeding, for example, but zigzag. Still, we find a fully brown tail and brown feet. Also the mouse-weasel colors in the cold regions into a pure white in the winter about, in contrast to the weasel also at the tail-top. its occurrence overlaps largely with that of the ermine, it is missing only in few regions.

Way of life Not only in the appearance, the mouse-weasels are a reduced image the deep cousin but also in its biology, the behavior and in the preference of determined habitats. they avoid the too swampy biotopes merely. Of course, also its loot is adjusted to the low height. What, however, the purposefulness concerns, with which they overpower rodents up to the mouse and young-rat, they often don't get along it about anything as "murderous" misjudged after ermines.

Reproduction Look after the little Hermann an einzelgängerisches existence also like the big-weasels. However seems the females the whole year over, to be in the situation, to become brünstig. So, also two throws per year quite are not anything rare. As nest, all sorts of natural caves and columns serve.

After a Tragzeit of approximately 5 weeks, the Fähen 3-7 boy bring to the world, that approximately 6-7 weeks will suckle. Approximately 3 weeks previously, the boys open the eyes and then look at an average life expectancy of 5-6 years. As maximum-old, almost 9 years were registered in captivity until now.

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