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sword-whaleScientific name:
Orcinus orca

Natural spread:
global occurrences

sword-whales is the most magnificent of all dolphins. Old, male animals become over 9 m long while the females don't exceed 6 m of length in general. Examinations at sword-whales in Japanese waters showed an average length of 6 m for both sexes. A female animal of 4 m of length surged 850 kg. Sword-whales of it have its name high until 1,8 m back-Finn of old bulls, whose breast and tail flukes also have bigger proportions, as with the females, whose back-Finn 30-60 cm high and to the back bent is, while it shows with the top with old bulls to the front. The flippers are quite big with both sexes (compared with other dolphins) and rounded off. The jaw of the sword-whales is not extended snap-shaped but put in a round shape and not particularly. On each side, 10-14 big and powerful teeth stand above and below.

The powerful black-and-white-drawing of these whales is very strikingly. The upper side is brilliantly black until on one lighter, saddle-shaped stain behind the back-fin, stomach-side and throat of it shines pure-knows. Over and behind the eye, a white, oblong stain proceeds; also, white areas move approximately on every flank to the back from the body-middle on.

Way of life Sword-whales live in all oceans; especially in large numbers, they are in arctic and antarctic waters. This cosmopolitan way of life explains itself to u. a. from the severe adaptability of these whales to different temperatures and diets.

Sword-whales live and hunt in groups of 3-50 animals, with what they attack bigger loot-animals simultaneously. Beside fishings, sword-whales prefer Meeressäuger (Z). B. Seals (other whales) and also birds, who sent it in frosted areas, through Rammstöße from below from ice floes, with what already was observed, can fall that icecaps of 1 m of thickness don't mean any obstacle. 14 seals and 13 pig-whales were found Wales big in the stomach of a 6 m; another animal had swallowed 24 seals. Also porpoises, dolphins, white-whales and even the big Bartenwale are before the "murderer-whales" or "killers" as sword-whales are also named completely to injustice, not certainly. Murder is a human concept for killing of Artgenossen from low motives and originates from the human morals-view; it is courses biological for the judgment completely incorrectly at the place.

Reproduction In the North-Atlantic, the combination-time of November is until January, in the North-Pacific of May until July (in more inferior scope also outside these times). After 11-12 months, one single 2-2,8 m long young was born. Probably already shortly after it is again the dams combination-ready, so that sword-whales raise offspring presumably every year.

Way of life Bigger hikes are not known. Over short routes, sword-whales can swim very fast, its "trip-speed" is with 10-13 km per hour. they can 1,5 m high and over 13 m wide to the water jumps.

The versatile tone-remarks of the sword-whales serve also the Echolotung, is composed (very short signals) in contrast to the signals of other whales from individual, consecutively discharged "Clicks", however. Klanghafte reputations, as one knows it from the back-whale, of sword-whales are not known.

Continuance Continuance-estimates can admittedly deliver only an approximate ground, however the sword-whales are not regarded as threatened after it.

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